Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Check Your Mailbox...

It's time again for postcards!  

We're so excited about our postcard photo for this season!  Credit for the photo goes to Patty O'Brien.  She captured this image (and many more) inside our greenhouse last December.  There were so many great pictures to choose from- we may have to post some of our other favorites in the next few weeks!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Beautiful Berries!

Winter must be on its way- our berry bushes are becoming impossible to ignore!  The thick, red berries on our Winterberry are especially gorgeous against our autumn leaves.  

Not enough color for you?  Check out the Beautyberry cascading in front of our kitchen windows:

Too pretty for words... and what an appropriate name!  

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

2012 Christmas Retail

Well, our hours are set and the postcards are being printed!  Here's a sneak peek at our 2012 Christmas hours:

2012 Christmas Retail

November 17- December 22
(Excluding Thanksgiving Day)

Monday thru Friday 9-5:00
& Saturday mornings 8-12:00

~ ~ ~

Annual Poinsettia Open House

Saturday, December 1
Join us for coffee, cookies and surprises!  
(And poinsettias, of course!)

Christmas is Coming...

We're only halfway through October and the poinsettias are happily growing in the greenhouses (and have been since mid-September). They've just begun to show color, but it's coming... after all, December is only six short weeks away!  

The Ice Punch poinsettias are starting to flush out, but you don't have to wait for them to color up to tell the differences between varieties:

The contrast between the rich, dark green foliage of the Red Glitter poinsettias makes the Snowcap White look almost chartreuse! Another fun little reminder from Mother Nature for us to "stop and smell the roses"...