Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Summer Update

Near the end of each spring season we are are often asked "What do you DO all summer?".  The truth is, we all do a lot of things...summer things, family things, travel things, and plenty of greenhouse things!  So, in case you're curious, here's a few of the "things" we've found ourselves enjoying this summer.

Well, we kicked off the summer with a wedding!  It was a beautiful, rainy June day- but Miriam and Derek were unfazed by the weather.  The entire greenhouse crew was in attendance and Aunt Cin baked dessert for over 200 guests (three flavors of whoopie pies: chocolate, red velvet, and pumpkin...all were delicious and quickly devoured!).

July brought our annual field trips to greenhouse events and mid-summer visits with customers.   A highlight is always the trek to Columbus, Ohio for Cultivate, a greenhouse/garden center/nursery trade show and educational event to check out everything new and inspiring in the wonderful world of plants...it's a must for us!  Lots of fun pit stops too, like the Franklin Conservatory and Ohio State Trial Gardens.  Another "must" is visiting the Landisville Trials, which are much closer to home.  What's not closer to home?  New Hampshire.  So it was a happy coincidence that this year's Open House at Pleasant View Gardens (the home of the Proven Winner's brand) was perfectly timed with my in-law's Maine vacation.

Once we hit August, we're focused in on two opposing seasons.  Poinsettias are arriving and spring plants, pots and soil are being ordered.  Oh, and it's family reunion time!  We host two family reunions on the farm in August, one for Tom's family and one for Marty's family.  The reunion of Marty's side is known as the Chicken Corn Soup, and many of our greenhouse crew is in attendance.  No matter how hot the day is, we always break at noon for a bowl of chicken corn soup- it's tradition!

Finally, each summer we try to coordinate schedules so that the greenhouse crew can get together for an outing.  We managed to get together at the end of August for a trip up to the Hotel Hershey for lunch and some floral sight-seeing.  We might be a little less recognizable without our denim shirts...

And that's a wrap!  I can hardly believe it's already September and practically poinsettia season to boot.  Where does the time go?

-Anna Mary