Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Our Final Week (Already?!)

Spring Open Hours

Tuesday 9:00- 5:00
Friday 9:00- 5:00
Saturday 8:00- 12:00
Through June 4

As usual, the season just flew by!  Already, this week is our final week for our spring open hours.  If you're in need of any final touches or you need to begin, no worries!  We still have a great selection of annuals, herbs, perennials, and succulents...plus other fun garden stuff!  See you soon!

-Anna Mary

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Enjoy your Herbs!

Mint Iced Tea- Sweetened with Stevia


-Approx. two handfuls of mint leaves
-One gallon iced tea (homemade or bought)

To Make:

Boil two to three cups water and add the mint leaves, steep for 15 minutes.  Add the steeped mint to the iced tea.  Add ice if desired before serving.

Optional- sweeten with Stevia:

Boil one to two cups of water and add one handful of stevia leaves.  Steep for no more than 5 minutes (any longer will make it a little bitter).  Add as much of this simple syrup mixture as desired.


Basil Lemonade

-Approx. one handful of torn basil leaves
-One gallon lemonade (homemade or bought)

To Make:

Add the torn basil leaves to the lemonade, let sit overnight (about 12 hours).  Add ice before serving.


I don't know about you, but around here we love our teas!  There is just nothing better than a cool drink on a warm afternoon in the greenhouse.  These two recipes are so simple and so delicious.  Enjoy!

-Anna Mary

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sunset Shopping


Thursday, May 19
5:00pm- 8:00pm

Sunset Shopping is almost here!  This is our only after-hours event of the season and rumor has it that the one and only Tom Henry is preparing an acoustic set for the evening- you really don't want to miss out!

-Anna Mary

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Colorful Coleus!

When in doubt, add foliage!  Containers or flower beds, small or large, that's one of my rules- and the advice I pass along most.  A colorful foliage plant is a fabulous addition to any combination.  It provides consistent visual contrast and interest (without relying on flowers!).  

Coleus is great for all of these things!  Over the years we have grown oodles of coleus.  This season alone we have over 30 varieties in a rainbow of colors and varigations.  However it seems that no matter how many funky kinds there are, there are some standard colors that we reach for over and over...and over!  

The past few years we have been repeatedly impressed with the lineup that Ball seed has cultivated.  They have come out with a really nice lineup that has the colors we depend on, plus the durability we like to see throughout the season.

Anyway, these five varieties are just really solid plants- and the colors are exactly what we love to use!

Coleus Redhead
2 to 6 hours of sun; 18-30"

A rich, gorgeous red.  Like most others in this lineup it will take between two and six hours of sun...that's a big window!


Coleus Campfire
6 or more hours of sun; 18-30"

One of my personal favorites- the bright orange almost glows!  Of the five coleus listed here, Campfire prefers the most sun.


Coleus Wasabi
2 to 6 hours of sun; 18-30"

Oh, Wasabi!  We would be devastated not to have Wasabi to work with.  You can spot that chartreuse from a mile away, if not two!


Coleus Vino
2 to 6 hours of sun; 18-30"

Sometimes you just need something dark!  Vino is a fabulous foil for other flowering plants and really allows them to 'pop'.


Coleus Coleosaurus
2 to 6 hours of sun; 24-36"

Coleosaurus is the tallest of the bunch (hence the name!).  Its versatile, vibrant coloring serves as either a neutral or a feature plant in a combination.


If you're familiar with coleus, you know this is barely scratching the surface...but these five are a great place to start!  

-Anna Mary