Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Upcoming Events: Open House & Extended Holiday Hours!

It is *almost* December!  We'll be kicking off the month with a two exciting events, our annual Poinsettia Open House and our first Thursday with Extended Hours.  See you soon!

-Anna Mary



Saturday, December 3
8:00- 12:00

We'll have poinsettias (of course!) along with coffee, cookies and some surprises, too!



Thursday, December 1, 8, and 15
3:00- 7:00

The lights have been hung in the greenhouse with care in preparation for three evenings of after-hours shopping.  In past years we have had just one night of  'Starlight Shopping'.  This December, we're adding a few dates and expanding on those hours.  Hope you can join us!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Anticipation & Amaryllis

There are so many things to love about this season!  But perhaps my favorite part is the sense of excitement and anticipation.  Amaryllis are a lovely extension of this idea of anticipation and a spot of spring in the winter months.  This year we have more varieties of premium amaryllis bulbs than ever- last I counted we had close to 20 unique types!  

BEST SELLER- Hot pink blooms, large flowering.

CHERRY NYMPH- Red blooms, double flowering.

CHRISTMAS GIFT- Traditional white blooms, large flowering.

DAPHNE- Red blooms with ruffled edges, large flowering.

ELVAS- Flowers have darker pink center to soft pink edge, double flowering.

EXOTIC PEACOCK- Red and white striped blooms, double flowering.

EXOTIC STAR- Pink and white blooms with small, defined stripes, small flowering.

SAMBA- Coral blooms with defined white striping and edges, large flowering.

LA PAZ- Two types, unusual pink/maroon blooms with small stripes, small flowering.

LEMON STAR- Chartreuse blooms, large flowering.

MAGNUM- Traditional red blooms, large flowering.

NARANJA- Bright orange blooms, large flowering.

RED PEARL- Burgundy blooms, large flowering.

ROSY STAR- Blooms are white with pink accents, large flowering.

SHOWMASTER- Blooms are red and white, large flowering.

SPLASH- Red blooms with white stripes, double flowering.

WHITE NYMPH- Pure white blooms, double flowering.

Most of our bulbs are available loose so that you could take them home to plant or give away, but we also have a unique selection of planted amaryllis arrangements that make beautiful gifts or centerpieces.  Additionally, I am so excited that we have a limited supply of waxed amaryllis bulbs!  Waxed amaryllis are a one-time-use bulb that have been coated in a decorative wax.  There is no need to plant or water them as they are self-sustaining.

I'm still trying to decide which one to enjoy at my home!  Perhaps an Exotic Peacock or White Nymph...?  (Maybe both?)

-Anna Mary