Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bountiful Basil

On these hot summer days we hardly want to set foot outside. Thankfully, there was a good excuse to sit in the kitchen under the fan this morning!  Marty's had pesto on the mind and today was the perfect day to freeze basil cubes.  

So pretty!  I can't get enough of the varigated leaves of the Pesto Perpetuo.  An added bonus for this project:  the plant is unbelievably thick with leaves.  

Our process is pretty basic:  strip the leaves, grind them up with some olive oil in the food processor, and pat them into an ice cube tray.  Sue (our pesto expert) recommends topping the cubes with a little more olive oil before you freeze them.

These little cubes are super versatile.  Use them as a base for pesto, add them into spaghetti sauce... theres's tons of room for creativity!

-Anna Mary