Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Closed for the Season

That's right, we're now CLOSED FOR THE SEASON.  Thank you all so much for another wonderful spring!  We'll see you in November...until then, enjoy your flowers!

-Anna Mary

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Wrapping Up Retail- Don't Miss Out!

Spring 2017 Hours:
Friday, May 26 open from 9:00- 5:00
Saturday, May 27 open from 8:00- 12:00
Tuesday, May 30 open from 9:00- 5:00 (Our last day!)

***Specials on Perennials, Unplanted Pottery & our favorite Garden Decor on Friday, Saturday & Tuesday!***

Well, May is coming to an end and it looks like our spring retail season is coming to a close too.  Just like every spring we find ourselves in a sort of astonishment, wondering 'Where did the time go?!'.  This spring season was just wonderful- we have thoroughly enjoyed all the friendly faces (new & old) and sharing with you all of plants, greenhouse, and home.  Thank you so, so much for your patronage and support this spring!  

For our final three days of the retail season we'll be having specials on perennials and unplanted pottery, plus some of our favorite garden decor for you to enjoy!  See you soon, and enjoy your flowers!

-Anna Mary

Friday, May 19, 2017

Calling All Cannas!

Some like it hot and oh my, has it been warm this week!  When the temperatures begin to rise, you learn very quickly which plants are thrivers and which need a bit more coddling.  There is time and place for both high and low maintenance plants, but in the greenhouse we certainly have an immense appreciation for the ones that allow us a little grace!  

The heat brings out the best in the tropicals- they just crave it!  Plants like Plumbago, Portulaca, Mandevilla, Cannas...this is their time to shine.  We have grown and trialed many types of Cannas over the years- short, tall, and all colors of flowers and foliage.  There really is a canna for everyone!   We've chosen out our favorite varieties this year- we love their colors, height variety, and overall performance.  Give them a sunny spot, be it in a pot or or a flower bed, and enjoy!

Canna 'Phasion'
Tall: 2-6'
Stunning, striped foliage with orange blooms.  Very unique!

Canna 'Australia'
Tall: 2-6'
Dark, chocolate-black foliage with deep red blooms.

Canna 'Kreta'
Mid-height: 36"
Green foliage, red blooms.

Canna 'Tenerife'
Mid-height: 36"
Green foliage, Yellow blooms with orange speckles.

Cannova Series
Mid-height: 30- 48"
'Orange Shades': Green foliage, orange blooms.
'Red Shades': Green foliage, red blooms.
'Rose': Green foliage, pink blooms.
'Bronze Scarlet': Dark bronze foliage, red blooms.

Tropical Series
Dwarf height: 30"
'White': Green foliage, white blooms.
'Rose': Green foliage, pink blooms.
'Yellow': Green foliage, yellow blooms with orange speckles.

How will you be adding in tropical color for this summer?  Enjoy!
-Anna Mary

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sunset Shopping


Thursday, May 18
5:00 PM- 8:00 PM

Join us for an evening of after-hours shopping!  
This is our only after-hours shopping opportunity of the season...bring a friend, see you then!

Henrys' Farm & Greenhouses
1258 Oregon Hollow Road
Holtwood, PA 17532

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Pop of Portulaca

At the greenhouse we love showing off our plants!  The new, the unusual, the overlooked...if we're growing it, we have an appreciation for it.  Portulaca is one of my favorites to show off and point out.  Folks that know portulaca know that it has a bit of a reputation for being old fashioned, or something you might find in your grandmother's garden.  (And, yes, the first thing that pops into my head when I think of portulaca is the old black kettle at our Uncle John's house that would be planted full of them every summer.)  Those old seed varieties perhaps weren't terribly exciting by today's standards, but they were tough, dependable color.

The past few years we have been sifting though newer hybrid varieties that combine the best of both worlds:  powerful, unique color AND incredible durability.  Just like the old fashioned portulaca, the newer types love the heat, are drought-tolerant, and require little water.  They will do well in landscape, containers, and we often use them in hanging baskets.  Here's a brief list of our current favorite portulacas:

Portulaca 'Rose Flambeau'
Oh boy- few things are better than plants with funky foliage!  The pink flowers of 'Rose Flambeau' perfectly pop off it's green and white leaves.  This type is new for 2017 and we are loving it!

Portulaca Colorblast Series
This is perhaps one of the most unique portulacas we have seen yet!  Colorblast 'Watermelon Punch' and 'Mango Mojito' pack a lot of color into a little bloom.  The bicolor flowers are reminiscent of calibrachoa (the pink and yellow pattern of 'Watermelon Punch' is eerily similar to Calibrachoa 'Holy Moly!') and are just terribly eye-catching from a distance as well as interesting up close.  

Portulaca 'Samba Rose'
Samba Rose isn't exactly new, but it would be a shame not to highlight this beauty- it's a stunner!  The hot pink blooms are two to three inches wide, nearly triple the size of other portulacas.  It's trailing habit is especially noticeable in hanging baskets.

Portulaca Pazazz Series
There's no two ways about it, the Pazazz series has become a standard for us.  This series has a great range of powerful color, a thick growing habit, and blooms continually.  It comes in Pink Glow, Red Flare, Vivid Yellow, and Tangerine- just don't ask us to pick a favorite!

So if you're looking for something to go in that hot, dry, impossible-to-grow-anything place...perhaps it's time to try a little pop of portulaca!

-Anna Mary

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Make a Statement

Elephant Ear used as a filler in a giant pot at D.S. Cole in New Hampshire.  All together it was over 10 feet high!

There are some plants that everyone loves- the main qualifications usually being large in terms of color (think gerberas) or large in terms of size.  Colocasia and Alocasia, fondly known also as 'Elephant Ears', check the second box.  They can get BIG.  Not only are they sizeable plants, they can really make a statement in pots or the landscape, are fun as cut "flowers" if you're willing to sacrifice them, and (if you're ambitious/ crafty) you can immortalize them by casting the leaves in concrete.

As with most plants, if you want them to grow to their fullest size (or even exceed it), their conditions need to support them.  Give them space to grow!  Start with large pots, lots of good soil for roots to grow and expand (so no false bottoms or filler in your pots), and regular water and fertilizer.  With the proper care and conditions
we have seen plants nearly double their expected size!

Without futher ado, here are a few of our favorite Elephant Ears:

Colocasia 'Mojito'
The splotchy, black and green variegation of 'Mojito' makes each leaf totally unique.  It does great in full sun to part shade and is quite happy to get it's feet wet.  Don't be afraid to use Mojito in a pond planter, it will thrive!  Mature height 3-4'.

Colocasia 'Maui Gold'
Chartreuse foliage can be such an attention-grabber!  Maui Gold has a pure, glossy color that contrasts nicely with deeper tones and tropical hues but is quite refreshing in combination with white shades, too.  Full to filtered sun, will grow faster in wet conditions.  Mature height 3-4'.

Colocasia 'Black Beauty'
The green veins on each leaf pair perfectly with Black Beauty's velvety, dark color.  Don't be afraid to combine Black Beauty with a brighter Elephant Ear for more contrast and drama!  This Elephant Ear gets a little taller than some- mature height can be 4-5'.   

Colocasia 'Tea Cup'
A favorite!  Tea Cup is a garden novelty and makes for a fun conversation piece.  As it matures, the leaf edges turn upward and transform into cups!  Rain, dew, and watering from overhead allow them to catch the water.  Then, when it's too much for them to hold, they tilt forward and spill it out.   Regardless of how old you are or how many times you're seen them in action, Tea Cups are always a delight!  Mature height 4-6', sun to part shade, keep moist.

Xanthasoma 'Lime Zinger'
Lime Zinger is a Xanthasoma (related to Colocasia) and is quite the stunner!  Its chartreuse leaves are plentiful and can reach nearly 20" in length.  Mature height 3-4'.  Plant in part sun to shade as too much intense sun can burn the leaves.

Of course, there are more varieties happily growing in the greenhouse!  These just happen to be some of our current favorites.  Which one is your pick?

-Anna Mary