Thursday, March 29, 2012

High-Tech Tags

Plant tags can be super helpful... or not.  Most of the time, you can depend on the information printed on that little piece of plastic to tell you how tall to expect it to grow, if it prefers sun or shade and, most importantly, its name.  Of course, if you've ever spent time shopping for flowers you probably know that tags aren't always as informative as you wished.

Now take a close look at these tags:

See anything new?  Several plant brands are now incorporating QR codes into their tags.  These little black and white pixelated barcodes have been popping up everywhere from magazine ads to business cards to television commercials... and now plant tags!  They can be a wealth of information for anyone who chooses to use them (but the catch is that you need a smart phone with a QR code scanning app).  It's a simple process- scan the code and check out the website that pops up.

So the next time you're scratching your head and wishing for some more details on that cool new plant, check if there's a QR code.  Or, just ask one of the girls here... remember, people can be pretty helpful too!

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