Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Red, White & Blue

It's amazing that May is nearly over!  It feels like only yesterday we had begun this whole process, transplanting  tiny plugs and waiting patiently for them to mature.  

And we're now arriving at Memorial Day.  The holiday has evolved through the years-  the name Decoration Day became Memorial Day.   Soon after, the date was changed from May 30 to the last Monday in May.  One Memorial Day tradition that has not changed is the practice of placing flowers in cemeteries and homes as a symbol of remembrance of our fallen soldiers.    In recognition of the holiday, we'd like to share some red, white, and blue from the greenhouses:

The flowers of Calliope Dark Red geraniums are such a deep, stunning red.  It is an "interspecific" geranium, which means it has been crossed with an ivy geranium and its habit is more filling than upright.  We are very much looking forward to next spring when Calliopes are expected to be available in all colors as well as the original dark red.

Torenia comes in a rainbow of colors, including Catalina White Linen. Their trailing habit makes them a beautiful addition to a shady planter.  Another example of why we should always take a second, closer look: the wishbone in the center of the flower gives away the meaning of its nickname "wishbone flower"!

Another fun flower!  Laurentia, or Star Flower, is just irresistable.  As many "blue" flowers, its coloring is not quite a true blue.  (It is unusual, but not unheard of to find a true blue flower- Black and Blue salvia and Evolvulus Blue Daze come to mind.)  No matter, Laurentia is an adorable option for a sunnier spot.

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