Thursday, March 14, 2013

No Flowers, No Problem

Flowers are a rare sight for us in early March.  Our tiny plants are no where near blooming yet and if they are, we quickly pinch them back. (This was a heartbreaking duty for me as a child.)  So, no flowers yet.  But through the lack of actual blossoms there are suddenly new "favorite" plants.  Plants that are so full of colorful foliage and texture that they can stand on their own.  Who needs flowers, anyway?

Any guesses how "Cobweb" sedum got its name?  The name of the "Polka Dot Plant" is equally as literal:

So many shades of green!  The colorful foliage makes for an impressive landscape:

Of course, these little guys are pretty...

Just don't forget the foliage!  

-Anna Mary


  1. Anna Mary,

    You are very good at this blogging. Keep them coming!


    1. Thanks Gary! Glad you enjoy it:)

      -Anna Mary