Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Behind the Scenes

Every few years our greenhouses need a little "redecorating". Greenhouse plastic has a finite lifespan and it's up to us to keep it in the best possible condition and replace it when called for.  After all, we're depending on this plastic to keep our plants protected!

The process is simple enough:  remove the old plastic, put the new plastic in place, secure it and inflate.  In reality, it can be a little complicated, especially if the weather isn't on your side!  Thankfully, Saturday morning was the perfect morning to work- clear skies and no wind.

Up bright and early!  No sun yet, we work by the interior greenhouse lights.  The old plastic has been deflated and unattached.

Did I mention there were poinsettias inside?  Miriam described this as a "cross-section of a greenhouse".

The easy part- pulling off the old sheets.  There's no going back now!

The skeleton.

Rolling out the first sheet of the new plastic.  It comes as one continuous 30' by 96' sheet and is so much heavier than it looks!

The key to pulling the new plastic over is to be gentle- the last thing you want is a tear.  At this particular moment I held a camera in one hand and a rope in the other (and I may have been scolded for not pulling enough... whoops!).

Sheet number one is in place, time to repeat with the second sheet!
The sun is brightening the sky into a beautiful blue, bringing the slightest bit of early morning breeze.

When both sheets are in place, it's time to secure them to the greenhouse frame and inflate the space between the two sheets. This is what provides the plants with protection and insulation.

The finished product!  If you look closely, you can see both sheets of plastic.  

Whew!  All in a good day's work.

-Anna Mary

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