Wednesday, May 14, 2014

W.O.W. !

Wow, right?!  The recent warm weather has been good to our Delosperma.  Delosperma (also known as Ice Plant) is a perennial favorite- literally, it is one of our favorite perennials!  This year we were lured to the new "Wheels of Wonder" series by promises of exceptional coloring and massive flower sizes (twice that of traditional delosperma).  We have not been disappointed!  Pictured is W.O.W. Hot Pink Wonder; we also love Fire Wonder (red/orange), Golden Wonder (yellow), and Violet Wonder (lavender).

This plant is tough as nails, drought tolerant, and perennial.  It makes for a great ground cover and works well for containers, too. Try using it in succulent combinations- it's able to vine through your planter to cover the soil, spills beautifully, and the flowers are a colorful accent.  

-Anna Mary

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