Friday, May 19, 2017

Calling All Cannas!

Some like it hot and oh my, has it been warm this week!  When the temperatures begin to rise, you learn very quickly which plants are thrivers and which need a bit more coddling.  There is time and place for both high and low maintenance plants, but in the greenhouse we certainly have an immense appreciation for the ones that allow us a little grace!  

The heat brings out the best in the tropicals- they just crave it!  Plants like Plumbago, Portulaca, Mandevilla, Cannas...this is their time to shine.  We have grown and trialed many types of Cannas over the years- short, tall, and all colors of flowers and foliage.  There really is a canna for everyone!   We've chosen out our favorite varieties this year- we love their colors, height variety, and overall performance.  Give them a sunny spot, be it in a pot or or a flower bed, and enjoy!

Canna 'Phasion'
Tall: 2-6'
Stunning, striped foliage with orange blooms.  Very unique!

Canna 'Australia'
Tall: 2-6'
Dark, chocolate-black foliage with deep red blooms.

Canna 'Kreta'
Mid-height: 36"
Green foliage, red blooms.

Canna 'Tenerife'
Mid-height: 36"
Green foliage, Yellow blooms with orange speckles.

Cannova Series
Mid-height: 30- 48"
'Orange Shades': Green foliage, orange blooms.
'Red Shades': Green foliage, red blooms.
'Rose': Green foliage, pink blooms.
'Bronze Scarlet': Dark bronze foliage, red blooms.

Tropical Series
Dwarf height: 30"
'White': Green foliage, white blooms.
'Rose': Green foliage, pink blooms.
'Yellow': Green foliage, yellow blooms with orange speckles.

How will you be adding in tropical color for this summer?  Enjoy!
-Anna Mary

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