Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beguiling Begonias

Beguile:  To distract the attention of; to amuse or charm, to delight

How true of begonias!  At 'Another Garden Gathering' this past Saturday, Miriam chose to highlight a few of our very beguiling begonias that are sometimes overlooked.  
Here are a few of her favorites:

Richmondensis begonias are so, so great!  Their shiny, jagged leaves are the perfect backdrop for their proliferous pink flowers. The Richmondensis' bushy habit makes them a good choice for containers and hanging baskets. 

You can almost guess the name of this begonia without checking the tag... Escargot!  Can you see the snail?  The spiraling foliage on the Escargot begonia is a fun conversation piece for gown-ups and kids, too.

The Art Hodes begonia is a perfect example of why we just need to 
s l o w  d o w n and take a closer look.  Its foliage is just beautifully textured (next time you see an Art Hodes, touch it too!) and the individual leaves can grow to the size of pancakes.

Another aptly- named begonia: Looking Glass.  Gorgeous silver foliage with an almost metallic sheen.  It's pretty enough to stand alone!

And last (but absolutely not least!) are the fabulous Rex begonias.  This is only one of the many Rex begonias available.  The foliage is stunning- dotted in this case, sometimes striped, multicolored and even chartreuse!  Rex begonias are always a great statement plant.

Of course, there's so many more begonias available at through our greenhouse as well as others.  So go check 'em out- they're just too beguiling to turn down!

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