Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Colorful Caladiums

Due to this year's early warm weather, it seems that everything in the greenhouses (and around us outside, too!) is ahead of schedule.  Even the portulaca is blooming- wow!  Among all of this earlier-than-usual color there are a few plants that have really caught our eye, namely all of the colorful caladiums.  This particular variety, Miss Muffet, is one of Marty's favorites for its bright and unique foliage:

So fun!  But of course there's more- in fact, there's over 1,000 different kinds originating from South America.  You'll find red, pink, white and green caladiums, often with a unique varigation or a textured edging.  Their foliage is a wonderful addition to a shady bed or container either alone or grouped with ferns, grasses and begonias.

So why not consider a caladium or two?  You can't beat the non-stop color and beside that they have Marty's stamp of approval!

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