Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Is It Time Yet?

Spring is here and we're all itching to get planting!  The greenhouse is open for retail, the plants have doubled in size, the weather has been (mostly) warm, and we just feel ready.   

But is it time yet?  


... And yes!

While many plants will not tolerate the lower temperatures of early spring, there are plenty that will.  Some of our favorite "cold-tolerant" plants are also sun-lovers that will stick with you through the summer heat. Take a look:

This basket is made up of two pots of Confetti Mix Kir Royal:  a trio of Callibrachoa Aloha Pink, Verbena Empress Flair Violet Blue, and Potunia Blackberry Ice Petunia.   The Confetti concept itself is pretty neat, three plants in one!  More importantly, this combo can take the cooler weather AND a sunny summer afternoon.

One of my personal picks, our own combo of Potunia Neon Petunia, Frosty Knight Lobularia, and Goldilocks Lysmachia (Creeping Jenny). It can tolerate the varying temperatures from spring through summer.  No need to replace anything here!

Favorite Cold Tolerant & Heat Tolerant Plants:

Callibrachoa- So many colors to choose from!  Superbells Cherry Star and Lemon slice are especially fun.
Gaura- The best of both worlds: pretty and durable.
Lobelia- Beautiful blues!
Lobularia (alyssum)- Proven Winner has added two new lobularias this year: Blushing Princess and Frosty Knight.
Lysmachia Goldilocks (Creeping Jenny)- A great pop of color!  Can you ever go wrong with chartreuse?
Nemesia- Full of dainty flowers!
Petunias- We especially love the "Potunias" and Supertunias.
Phlox- Intensia Cabernet gives you great electric color.
Sedum Lemon Coral- A fun way to add some texture.
Verbena- In a rainbow of colors.  Twister Pink is almost irresistible.

We've seen these plants span the seasons!  Remember, the traditional "frost-free" date is Mother's Day.  While these particular plants are able to tolerate cooler weather, they are in no way frost- or freeze-tolerant.  Keep an eye on the weather and protect your plants if the forecast indicates a chance of frost.

Oh, and wait until Mother's Day to plant your coleus!

-Anna Mary

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