Friday, April 5, 2013

Taking It All In

"Greenhouse #1", or "Number One" but, usually just "One" is the name of this greenhouse.  It was the first greenhouse built on the farm, is always the first to be planted and is always the first full of color.  And right now there's quite a hodge-podge of plants.  Cold-tolerant annuals are coming into prime, the first of the Gerberas are blooming, hanging baskets are filling out, and the back of the greenhouse is packed full of perennials.  So much to take in!

In the middle of this colorful wonderland a few things especially caught my eye this morning:

The first of the Gerberas!  The first few flowers are a cheerful sight in a sea of green foliage.

Wow!  The how perfect is this color combo?  And the names of these Heuchera are just as great as their colors:  Lime Rickey, Georgia Peach, and Midnight Rose.  Hard to resist!

Speaking of color AND great names, Superbells Cherry Star is impossible to ignore right now.  And this is only a tiny piece of one greenhouse- so much to see!

-Anna Mary

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