Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Late Bloomers

It's not unusual for some plants to be overlooked the first several weeks of spring.  After the seemingly endless months of winter we crave color.  No wonder there's so much love for gerberas!  So the "late bloomers" are overlooked... and overlooked... and overlooked. And in many cases (certainly this one!), in time they will make themselves known!

Who doesn't love a good flower?  Begonia boliviensis 'Bonfire', or Bonfire begonias are hands-down one of our favorite late bloomers of the spring.  When they're ready, they erupt with color and simply are impossible to ignore:

Beautiful... and versatile, too!  Bonfires are just as happy in shade as they are in the sun.  Isn't it great when plants give you options? Mix in some Solanum and Evolvulus for a hot pot out by the pool, or try it with Streptocarpella and Illumination vinca vine under the porch.  So easy, and you can never go wrong with primary colors!

-Anna Mary

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