Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lavender Phenomenal = Phenomenal Lavender

One of the (many) things that keeps us hooked on flowers is all the different plants.  Every season there seems to be endless amounts of new or improved plants- and it keeps us on our toes!  Last week I highlighted one of our favorite newbies, the Mighty 'Matos and made mention of another: a new perennial, Lavender Phenomenal.

Don't be fooled by this little guy!  It may be small and unpretentious now, but it wasn't named Lavender Phenomenal for nothing.  Take a look:

From the Lavender Phenomenal Facebook page

Pretty phenomenal!  The plant itself is full, even, and smothered in beautiful blooms.  And the best part?  It can back up its beauty with a whole lot of brawn.  It's being touted for its exceptional tolerance of heat and humidity and common diseases.  Also, Lavender Phenomenal stands out from the traditional Lavender Hidcote in that the foliage does not die back.  A "phenomenal" addition to any sunny spot! Could you ask for more?  

-Anna Mary

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