Thursday, December 12, 2013

National Poinsettia Day

Happy Poinsettia Day!  I'm not making this up- today, December 12, is National Poinsettia Day.  This little-known "holiday" commemorates the death of Joel Roberts Poinsett on this day in 1851.  Poinsett is the namesake of the Poinsettia, and it is thanks to him that the poinsettia was brought to the United States.  Sometimes the truth really is almost stranger than fiction!

But there's a second (and equally important!) part to this story- the Ecke family.  Today, Ecke is synonymous with poinsettias in the greenhouse industry.  Three generations of the Ecke family developed the poinsettia into what we know it to be today, as well as the poinsettia market.  We are loving this picture from a 2014 Ecke ad (yes, we're already thinking about Christmas 2014!).  An early glimpse into the poinsettia business and a far cry from the poinsettia we know today!

-Anna Mary

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