Monday, February 24, 2014

Get Ready, Get Set...

We're one week in! Last week was the first that we've really had a crew in the greenhouses this season and we couldn't have asked for more gorgeous weather- warm inside and outside.  (Rumor has it that we're not totally in the clear and there will be more snow soon, but if you can't control it you might as well enjoy it!)

Speaking of snow, this is the first winter that our newest greenhouse has had to deal with major ice and snowfall.  It's held up like a champ, but Tom was still itching to push that snow out of the gutters.  If you google "greenhouse snow collapse", you'll understand why.  

My favorite little thing today was transplanting these little guys!  Just like that stalks of Swiss chard can be so colorful (like this variety, Bright Lights), their roots mirror the bright colors of the plant.  It's always a treat to see their little red and yellow roots in the midst of everything else.

Laura and Miriam didn't move too far from this potting table all day. One of the first orders of business is to transplant perennials. They're another fun one to plant- the little guys come either as jumbo plugs or (my favorite!) with "bare roots".  So no dirt, just super strange looking roots.  They make for a pretty impressive before and after comparison!

Just a little proof for you that preparations are being made and spring certainly is in the greenhouse air!  

-Anna Mary

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