Friday, November 28, 2014

A Very Colorful Christmas!

When you think of poinsettias, what color comes to mind?  Don't know about you, but I automatically think... RED!  Red is such a great color- it's festive, it's traditional, and it's a vibrant contrast to those dark winter days.  I love it!

...But.  As wonderful as the traditional red can be, there's something to be said for the funky new varieties in the greenhouse: 

Last year, we really went off the rails when we introduced Ecke's poinsettia hybrid Luv U Pink, the hottest of hot pinks we've ever seen on a poinsettia!  Along with the Luv U Pink, this season we were able to add two more funky colors into the mix, Suntory's 'Princettia' Soft Pink and 'Princettia' Max White.  'Princettia' is a euphorbia like the traditional poinsettia, however it is a different hybrid.  In appearance, the two are noticeably different, but still noticeably similar.  We love the unusual colors that are offered in this plant!

'Princettia' Soft Pink is such a sweet color!  These petite plants are sure to catch your eye in the sea of all the red poinsettias.  They're noticeably different in color from the Luv U Pink, but are beatiful alongside that hot pink color.

It is so unusual to find a true white poinsettia!  The traditional whites are definitively white, but do tend to have an ivory or yellow tint. The 'Princettia' Max White is by far the truest white we have ever seen in a poinsettia.  Certainly not ivory, and definitely not yellow! They're truly as white as snow. (Or as white as a sheet of printer paper, though that's a less romantic description.)

These three hybrids are a great alternative to the red poinsettia!  I can see them grouped as a trio in terra cotta or with pink or silver foil.  And if you like to keep your poinsettias well into the winter, the nontraditional colors would be lovely in the new year too!    

-Anna Mary

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