Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Greens, Greens, Greens!

It's barely Thanksgiving and the greenhouse is already in full Christmas mode!  Red and white poinsettias (and everything in between!), bulbs, and the recent chill in the air are a steady reminder that December is drawing near.  

Another reminder of the season is the wreath-maker's annual appearance.  We've been in the habit of making our own wreathes over the years.  Anyone who was shopping yesterday could get an up-close look at our wreath process.  It's not overly sophisticated, but it is time consuming from start to finish: trimming down branches fresh cut from our own evergreens,  bundling them into tiny "bouquets" to be bound to the frame, brainstorming what to embellish them with next.  Berries, feathers, cotton, twigs, magnolia, dried fruit and flowers... few things are off limits!

The wreath-making will continue into December, along with fresh door swags and greens planters too.  So much to do, it's no wonder we begin before Thanksgiving!

-Anna Mary

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